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PROSPECTIVE OF UKRAINE CRISIS: Scenarios for a mid-long term evolution

An aparitie: 2014

Autor: Iulian Chifu

Editura: ISPRI

Nr.pagini: 171

Marca: ISPRI



Pret: 15.00 Lei

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PROSPECTIVE OF UKRAINE CRISIS: Scenarios for a mid-long term evolution

The present work is the first public prospective study elaborated in Romania according to a classic technique transformed into a model by the Conflict Prevention and Early Warning Center Bucharest. It is the result of a GMF project developed between April and July 2014 on a very hot issue, the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, including the annexation of Crimea and ending now with the hybrid war in the Eastern regions of Lugansk and Donetsk of Ukraine.
The result is a fairly Romanian Academic approach to the possible evolution of the situation in Ukraine on short, mid and long term.
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